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Be Obedient *Let the Healing Begin..... *For the past several weeks I have been in a complete downward spiral. There isn' t a part of my life that hasn' t suffered. My spiritual life is non-existent. My health is deteriorating to the point of being put on three new medicines. My Mary Kay business is not where I want it to be. My marriage has absolutely fallen apart. Oh and my home? Yeah, its a mess. But that is truly the least of my problems. 

I haven' t spoken to God in many weeks now.......its not because I am angry at Him nor do I blame Him."*He*" did not do ' "*this*"' to me. But for me, it was easier to retreat within myself - put all the walls back in place - and do whatever I could to protect myself from further harm. The emotions that have surfaced during this journey have just became too much to handle. In my last post I addressed the fact that I am angry and bitter, but now, on top of that, I am lonely, sad, sick, exhausted and have fallen pretty deep into depression.

I am not happy where I am, nor do I wish to stay here. So today, I have decided to turn back to God for help - and it all starts with asking for forgiveness. I' ve said so many awful things, had so many horrible thoughts.....I have been disobedient to His Word and even to His promptings. I' ve known all along that He knows what Way is best for me, but I chose another path. I have been the prodigal child. 

I ran away from Him to do things my way (as if I knew better)........but today is a new day and I woke up to a beautiful day and a new way of thinking. His gifts are many - His blessings are upon me - His Love surrounds me - and as I fall to my knees, I will find forgiveness and strength. 

I can not do this on my own - I can not walk this journey without Him. And no matter how many painful emotions rise to the surface, I know He will be with me to confront and endure them. This will not be fun for me....I know that. BUT, Jesus is my healer and I was not brought to this place to be left here - I was brought to this place to be given a testimony about what the Grace of God can do - "*when*" you "*let*"Him into "*all *"those dark places. 

If you think you can do it alone - you can' t. If you think you "*are *"alone - you' re not. If you think you "*" can' t handle it" *" - you can' t. We were never meant to walk it out alone. "*Give*" God permission to enter into those deep dark places. "*Allow *"Him to mend the broken pieces of your heart. "*Give *"to Him, the burdens you have been carrying - and "*let *"the healing stitch at a time.

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