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Do not be equally yoke, do not allow them to provoke you but to be Christ like as a living testimony bearing the fruits of spirit. Pray for them and do not react, you will gain your respect by the step of Christ daily. Christ came on earth as a man, he walks through same emotional struggles like us to show us that we are make in his image and likeness. Nothing is impossible if we seal our tongue and walk in Christ likeness. Actions and prayers, work miracles. Lean not in your own understanding and be humble submit all to Jesus, you need not carry these burdens alone. All to Jesus we surrender, have the spirit of joy and peace so that Satan does not rob our life and blessings. Jesus hears you but you must be humble to submit. Amen, in Christ we pray unity. God Bless Cloves 22

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Thank you for all of your prayers. God bless you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Anonymous | on Oct 05, 2012

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