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I've had a severe reaction to penicillin , had to go to the E R and have a major rash over my entire body which gets worse and worse. Am still alone w our daughter and pray to God that it passes quickly and that my sore throat will heal as well.
Please pray for us, God bless you all!

by DMT

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You may call me with questions 302-218-6559. ER nurse who prays. If the Lord is using medication to heal you than so be it. Take you antibiotic but make sure it isn't pcn. Benadryl for a while - days sometimes. Will help the rash. Wheezing needs prayer and return to ER. Any lidocaine rinse and spit will help throat pain along with motrin/advil/ibuprophen(all same med) because of antiinflammation properties. Ice also reduces inflamation which will reduce pain and also numbs. Should feel better in 24 hours or you need to see your regular doctor. If it is viral you can only reduce pain and wait cause antibiotics won't help. God bless. Prayer sent

Cooper4 | on Feb 20, 2010

Thank you so very very much! I went to the E R this morning again and was admitted to a ward during the day where I was given antihistamines and adrenaline and was able to go home in late afternoon. Thank you again so much for your prayers and great advice. God bless you, i'm very thankful!

DMT | on Feb 21, 2010

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