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Feel like there is no hope for me. I got sent away from my family not once but twice. I lost my teaching job so my own mother got rid of me out of the home I put her in. My own family members attacked me and humiliated me because of a lie my mother told them. My own brother spied on my email, and he tried to change the password. I can't trust my family ever again. I earned a masters degree in education. I've tried my best to be a good mother to my child. But I have no hope of financial security after unemployment runs out in a month. I'm just soõooo tired of trying anymore. I'm just crying because I don't have financial security to keep a roof over my child's head. Forget about the father
He is irresponsible violent alcoholic. My rent each month plus utilities is 1000.00. Please Lord, bless my ability to support my child. I have no more answers God

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If you can still look up you can get up! Stay positive and have that the Lord will turn it around so he can work in your life! If you are up for advice and willing to listen.. I can help you. Follow me on FaceBook.. Roger Reed Muncie In.. be blessed

Rahj Reed, CoC music minister | on Feb 20, 2010

please don't give up, there is always hope, have you turned to a Church? workforce services? women's or men's shelter? there are many places that can help you on your way back up. I am sorry that your mom and siblings are being so mean. friends can be like family,so turn to friends or make new friends, there are a lot of lonely,lovely people. May God Bless You, and good luck.

sandi | on Feb 20, 2010

Wow sister, I'm sorry to hear all the misfortunate situations going on in your life. Continue to seek God. Keep your heard up and trust God has you exactly where he wants you to be. The more struggles we go through the greater the glory that is going to be revealed. God has special plans for your life. I am a single mother myself and I can definitely relate to your situations. The Lord says "he will be the one to comfort you. Trust him with all your heart. He has plans to prosper you and give you the best future you can ever have imagined for yourself." Just have faith my sister. You can email me at [email hidden from spammers] and I will help you. Just reach out to people. I will definitely lift you up in prayer.

Love and blessings,

Christina Flores | on Feb 20, 2010

You will be ok you have everything you need trust me... I don't know you but I know you r a good person god is good I'm a mother of a 5 yr old too I know how it feels...if u need a friend I can be one ... My email [email hidden from spammers] I will pray for you always god bless

Best4u | on Feb 20, 2010

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