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why am I such a loser? I don't get to do the things that normal teenagers do. For once I would like to feel like everybody else. I feel so lonely sometimes, without my friends, I miss them so much. Is there any hope for me?

by Taylor

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You may be called to be different... I'm certain God has a special plan for you. Don't desire to be like the world around you dare to be different and be proud of it. Different in a way that Christ would view as pleasing. You may feel lonely or isolated because He may be trying to get your full attention-- its hard to give that to Him if we're so focused on what we are to others. Stay prayerful and keep your humbled confidence!

โ˜†Chayil Milcah Semaiahโ˜† | on Feb 19, 2010

I agree with chayil. You are not a loser. Your gods creation! That says enough right there that you're special and unique just the way he wanted you to be!I know times get very hard, trust me, I have faced many battles. But the lord has helped me overcome all the opsticals and helped me get stronger along the way. I'm 16 and understand the struggles of being a teen, but just know, when you have no one... God is always holding you up high:)

cierra | on Feb 19, 2010

Taylor I agree with them both just remember that there are people who love you and those who don't personally know you but are praying for you- I too felt like you especially this week but after reading your pray and their encouraging words I know and have FAITH that GOD has a special plan for our lives and yes we are called to be different but in being different we ming bring others to CHRIST may GOD continue to bless you as you strive to do HIS WILL - GOD loves you TAYLOR

niรฑa de Dios | on Feb 19, 2010

I too agree with them God created us in his image which is perfect, u are a great kid with great potential, use this time to reflect on your talents and gifts and pray and ask Him what he want u to do with them for the church. Then be quiet and still and listen, He has a plan for your life, maybe when ur boree

begabby | on Feb 19, 2010

Sorry, bored you should take that time to go for a walk and talk to Him.

begabby | on Feb 19, 2010

Children of God r winners always

jazz-dc | on Feb 19, 2010

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