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I feel as if im being persecuted at my college just because i am me I cant deal woth the phony fake ppl and the constant hatred when ive done nothibg to anyone I want to transfer schools soo badly pray that those who speak evil of me silence themselves and find God and realize the harm they are causing pray my self esteem stay strong and that my faith in god be strengthened Im in a dark valley and I want to get out !!!

by greeneyedkim

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Oh hun I'm so sorry, stay strong, god is right next to youu, guiding you, and holding your hand, I'm a mom in nj, here if u want to talk, god bless u.....hugs.....[email hidden from spammers]

peggyann | on Sep 22, 2012

keep studying how JESUS would act he has over come the world,don't look down
look up for answers, answers above the normal,,be blessed to be a blessing in this crazy mixed up , upside down world we live in where right is wrong,good is bad,its no surprise to GOD, get strength from our power source the word of GOD, stay blessed,
and keep praying, i will agree with you, in prayer,amen.

Anonymous | on Sep 22, 2012

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