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Dear Lord,
I guess you didn't want me to get that job, it hurts to feel like no one wants to hire me and it makes me feel worthless. I'm working at a craft store and I have a masters degree and making what I did in high school. My feet hurt at this job and people act like its my fault they can't use more than one coupon... Even if it only would save them 49 cents. My mom is mad I went over on my credit card but she knew I had to use it for gas when she didn't have the money. I wish I didn't disappoint her do much. My heart hurts lord. I just want to make enough money to support myself and puppy. When and where will you take me? I am lost and hurt. I need your help so much. Please send me a sign tomorrow that you are with me and will get me through this storm. Please bless my mother with the audit, she's been working really hard. Please bless my brother with his med changes. Please help my tooth stop hurting and please let me get Thursday off for my doctor appointment. Thank you for my mom and brother, especially his kind uplifting words. Thank you for puppy, I think he's one of the only things that makes me decide to wake up each morning, he has been a gigantic blessing and I will never stop thanking you for every moment with him. Thank you for this day and giving us food to eat. Thank you for our clean clothes and that you gave me energy to get them done. Please let me hear your voice tomorrow even if it's just one single word, I just need to hear you again. Please let me know your with me. I love and miss you so much. I need us to be close again. I need your help and your unconditional love. Please oh please show me your path. Let all the glory go to you. I hope you have a good night, fill your children with peaceful dreams. With love - Jackie

by Jackie

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Praying for you Jackie!!! I really am!!! Much love my dear. You can do all things!!!

Mersadies | on Sep 07, 2012

Thank you so much, it helps to know someone cares, may god bless you as well.

Jackie | on Sep 07, 2012

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