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Pray for Hamid, jack, dad and me for the energy to get the rest of the shingle in, top soil, put the stepping stones in, pray for a day of rest so I can sort out everything for truth for youth
Pray for Darren that he can meet Christians whilst he is away and get proclaimed the gospel
Pray for the gospel on site
Pray that I can finish Andy Coombers website
Pray for purity
Pray for my sis for a deeper hunger
And thirst after god
Pray for my sister that she get to my nephews dedication, pray for my sister that she can find a Christian or the non Christian that she is going out with Can become a Christian
Pray that I can give god the glory for souls saved and answered prayer
Pray for Peggy for work
Pray that I can evangelise
Pray for Richard who has ecoli
Pray for Sam and jenna
Pray for Bernard as he is going to the synagogue, pray that he can come back to church, pray for Carmel for a new computer
Pray for chris Cheryl's husband for his salvation as he is so hardened to the gospel , pray for Cheryl as she has had a scan
Pray for dan and susie, Abby and Nathan, pray for work for dan and susie, pray that they would grew in the bible as a family
Pray for Sarah
Pray That I can pray and spend time with the lord at least an hour
Pray as I am useless at prayer and fasting, pray that I can fast beyond three days
Pray for jasper and dahlia
Pray for jay and Emily
Pray for Gary and Lynn
Pray for Brian and his son, family
Pray for Ann rumsey that she would come to know Jesus
Pray for Alan and his wife
Pray for rick
Pray for carol and her son
Pray for the way inn for good solid Christian
Pray for sophie at new horizons
Pray for Lou and Sandra
Pray for luciene
Pray that I can see Denise
Pray for Darren
Pray for hamid and mark
Pray for Rita, grandma, Howard, pam kloss for cancer
Pray for tony Pearce for a breakthrough with the orthodox Jewish community as he has evangelised them more than
Pray for Andy Coomber and kathy
Pray for Nina and Steve
Pray for pete Coomber and tim
Pray for Anita and George for there wedding, pray that they can have the service at bridge lane, pray
Pray for Ron and joy
Pray for irene and grace, hazel
Pray for more young people between 20 and 30 as it is the hardest group to evangelise to
Pray that we can break through to the orthodox Jewish community
Pray for matt and Beth, James and mellisa, Jesse and clayton
Pray for John g for his sermons , pray as he has been depressed
Pray for Mary who has broke her arm
Pray for the energy to work tommorow
Pray as I feel the worst sinner ever
Pray for the brasteds
Pray for Noel and chrina
Pray for pastor Eddie and schlane, vanessa and Joshua, camilla and Andre, paello and his wife, OnΓ©simo and his wife
Pray for joy and grace, Wendy
Pray for jono, jay, Keith miller, Duane, me for a breakthrough in the area of marriage and a spouse and the finances to get a flat, constant income
Pray for Samuel and Joyce's baby

Luke 18:27 And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

Luk 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Gen 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Pray for a godly spouse, pray for the finances to get married. Pray for the money to rent a house in London
Pray that god can do the impossible in relationships and with my finances
Pray that I can go down to speakers corner, that I can buy the books that I need to refute them and the scholars that I need to read. Pray as there are 28 anti Israel books, the most books I have read is 4 in a day with being the least 2, pray for any hindrances. Pray as I would need the finances to buy the books
Pray as I have just been to my bros dedication and was the only person single and felt like Rubbish, pray as I feel like god has passed me by
Pray for Fatima
Pray that I can get my haircut
Pray that I can evangelise this week
Pray that I can learn Hebrew and go to Israel that seems impossible

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