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Sometimes GOD,
no really a lot of times,,,,
i sit,or just stand back & just think,,
think about you,,,
how great you really are now, ,,and always have been.,,

i think about how you created the things on earth,,,everything from the smallest insect,to the stars in the sky,to the starfish in the ocean,then decided you wanted,company,to share all these beautiful sights &sounds,
so you made people,,to enjoy all you created,with you,,,

how not only are you GOD,
but you call us your children,
no matter how old we get
you love us like children,& want us to know,, no matter,what happens to us on earth,we have a powerful GOD to talk to,
You are soooo,overwhelmingly big,my tiny brain,can't begin to tell you how much that means to me,I know even the smartest person on earth,is only a tiny reflection,of my FATHER,who lives in heaven
I am so happy you invented something called prayer,
even the word pray
is so beautiful to me &
I can trust talking to you about everything,even if someone else thinks its stupid,,
That alone brings tears to my eyes,
the way JESUS went back up to heaven.& said the
same way I left is the same way
I am coming back...
you use the foolish things to make a wise person just scratch his head,they read all those books,
and ignore the ONE book,you wrote.
Thank-you that you gave me childlike faith to believe EVERYTHING YOU say.. one of my favorite parts,is when you told Moses to say tell them I AM sent you ,,,,now that really got to me
,I realized that was the best answer I ever the shortest way possible to say it,,
YOU are everything,,
you give us so much to think about.I can't even look at drop of water,or a tiny grain of sand,and not think of you,,,.,& Thank-you LORD for saving me,so I could see what I could never see alone. Thank-you for being like no on else,,you really are the great I AM,,,you ARE
to me


by Anonymous

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Wow absolutely amazing! Mmade me feel so. Good reading that

jackyvaz89 | on Aug 21, 2012

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