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Well I haven't been on here in a while but I guess I'm really just in need of prayer I'm still pregnant I'm about 4months now and me and the baby are doing well I don't know what it is I really want another son my first is in dear need for a little brother he prays he gets a little brother constantly my daughter is really ok with either or I just don't know what to feel if I'm pregnant with a little girl because I really want another son of course I'm going to love my baby regardless of what it is I just really would prefer another little boy a little brother for my other son he really gets lonely sometimes he can't play rough with his sister:/ but Oh well I know God won't give me what I want he's going to give me what I need and that makes me feel discouraged because what I want is another little boy but I'm sure he's going to give me another little girl..
well whatever it is in the end it's our child and we are going to love our baby no matter what I'd just really like to see Jr. have a little brother to play with.
also right now I've kind of hit somewhat a stage of depression but I think I'll be fine but nonetheless kinda have allot of worries,blues,and well just going emotionally not feeling alright I don't really talk to anyone about anything except my husband but most of the time we end up arguing if we don't agree on things and I end up more overwhelmed with more worries and problems from what I already had I don't talk to friends I really don't have any my family doesn't really understand me and we either end up fighting or we just end up not speaking to each other for months so I just stay away my mother well I always feel like the only thing she ever wants to hear is that everything is fine and I'm doing fine anything else she just can't do anything about or doesn't want to hear it or she's ready to point out all my mistakes in life and how if I would've done this instead of that things would be different and not like so.
So in the end I just isolate myself in my mind and keep my thoughts to myself because in the end who can I really run to? I pray I just don't hear no answer and I don't like talking and nobody to talk back to I know he hears me it's just well....
we'll see what happens till next time

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