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Heavenly father,

I pray to you today asking you to hear the prayers that are repeated daily by everyone who loves you and comes to you for guidence. I pray you answer all of our prayers as you feel if it is right to do. I feel as though you have given me signs on what I need to do lord. I am going to do my part and give to those less fortunate than myself, I am going to give my times where is needed and mend all my broken relationships dear lord. I hope you see me everyday and know that I do not seek attention for my good deeds I do them because I feel in my heart that it is right to do. I pray that you continue to guide me to health, wealth And happiness. Please give me another sign if he is coming back to me, please lord allows us to he one again, let me know that my heart is not going to continue hurting. Please open him up, life the anger from him towards me let him love me again. Please put me in his thoughts and dreams I promise lord I will take care of him and our kids both lord and any children that you allow us to conceive together. I will be all the I can be for the sake of you lord, for the sake of jer our boys myself and our future. Heavenly father I beg you to open communication between he and I so we can move forward together to happiness. You have helped me so much already even when I have been undeserving lord I pray, beg and plea to you to continue helping me with my goals, my faith, my happiness, guide me to be a better person. Lord please allow my family and I to get along better And please help my little man to sleep good in his crib, please help our finances and allow my mother and sister to open up their hearts and trust your love. Please help the families in need who ask Got your prayers, guidence and help. Lord I don't need a lot of money or material things I just need financy security, my love to come back to me and happiness and live throughout my family. I will continue to change to a better person, I will help those in need, I will show you that I am proud to be your daughter. Please watch over my son and I and our family while we sleep. Please bless jer and his son and his family while they sleep and remove the negatives from them let them be open, let jer be open to my love again. He is amazing and everyway and I forgive him for his words and actions allow him to forgive me, allow us to connect again, even if it is slowly through phone, text or email. Lord be with us all and bless this world. Lord I also pray that you watch over my cousin my bestfriend who is fighting for our country right now. Please keep him as well as all of our military safe. Thank you Jesus for all that you have done and continue to do. I am externally grateful! <3 in Jesus name, Amen. Fellow prayers' please continue this prayer as I will continue to pray for you all, may God bless you and and answer your prayers.

by strongbutweak

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