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Dear lord I am not good with this but I am reaching out to you for help and guidence. I feel a great deal of emotional pain caused by my ex who was and still is verbally abusive and so cold towards me. I beleived his lies And I fell in love I feel trap although he broke up with me three months ago I am still so broken hearted. Please I am asking for your guidence to live a happier, physical and emotional life. I am also facing financial struggles of which I can not catch a break and get a job to my family is all in financial struggles and its wearing on us. Please help me be a happier person, to think more positively about my future and to forget the negative of my past. Please help my son and I have an amazing happy financially secure love filled life. He just turned 1 and he has left ventricular hypertrophy that he was born with. Please watch over him and aways keep him safe happy and healthy. His next cardiologist appointment is in September please keep him in your prayers. Also please help my recent ex to see the pin and damage he has caused, not to punish him just so he knows and can understand that What he has done is not ok. In Jesus name amen. <3

by strongbutweak

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Read Proverbs 3:5
You will get stronger and things WILL get better for you. God will be there for u. Meditate on that verse. Keep your head up! Waaayy up! God bless you

ILI | on Aug 16, 2012

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