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My brother is gay now pray that he will sin no more he thinks gay is not a sin Pleases Pray for him

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The world is backwards. I will pray for God to heal your brother and give him all he needs. In Jesus name, amen.

anonymous | on Aug 16, 2012

I will pray for him also.

Anonymous | on Aug 16, 2012

there is nothing wrong with being gay.
God NEVER condemns love.
Never once.

what God does condemn is sexual and straight.

God loves you.
He knew you Caleb before you were formed in the womb.
God does not make mistakes.

When Paul talks about sin...he talks about burning in your heart with lust one for another.
straight men....who leave the natural use of a woman and burn in their hearts with lust for another man, is sexual immorality.

yes. straight men have sex with other men.
they are not closeted...they are truly straight.
but because of their burning lust they work that which is unseemly.

to be gay, isn't to lust any more than a straight man lusts.

if you are gay.
and you put God first...above all others,
and find a man who is saved and has a heart for The Lord, you can marry in the eyes of God and live your lives blessed and bearing biblical fruit.

read Jonathan and David.
they're souls were knit as one from the moment they laid eyes on each other.
Saul got angry at dinner when Jonathan kind of flaunted his husband David.
they had to meet in secret.
Do you do that with your friends..? or your boyfriend..?
Jonathan loved David so much that he stripped naked in front of him and even gave him his underwear.
it is translated as belt, but reference in the strongs concordance and you'll see what the Catholics chanted to belt is actually underwear.
they kissed
they wept
they hugged
they had a commitment ceremony in the eyes of The Lord.

after they were reunited after a separation they held a recommitment ceremony pledging their love for each other for the rest of their lives.

when Jonathan was killed David declared a national day of mourning for the whole nation.
this day of mourning was enforced by the Israeli army.

can you imagine president Obama declaring a national day of mourning , enforced by the u.s. army for a "friend" of his...?
David publicly declared that the love of Jonathan surpassed that of ANY woman.

he never says he loves his wife once.

biblical scholars have counted the times that David and Jonathan declare their love for each is the most of any couple in the bible.

Why is that...?
Why did God make sure that fact be included.

read about the roman centurion and his lover.
a roman was a heathen. unsaved. a pagan.
an "enemy" of God. but his husband was dying and he had heard about this Jesus and went to try anything he was so desperate for his husband to live.

look at what Jesus does.
Ge doesn't say oh I only help church going people. or... repent of being gay and then I will help you.
He doesn't tell the roman that he's living in sin or going to hell.
he loved the roman and took compassion on his situation.
he said

go home, your lover is well.

it's translated as slave.
but reference it in the strongs concordance.

pais is the word.

a roman centurion would not have gone they all that for a worthless slave.

slaves were objects.
you bought sold abd owned them and you disposed of them. there were always more.

no. pais.
EVERY other time it's used in the Bible it means lover or spouse.

why not this time..?

do you know for this reason a man shall leave his parents and take a wife is actually mistranslated 90% of the time "wife" is used in the bible.
the correct word is: Helpmate

according to the strongs concordance.

do not listen to people that shame you. or judge you or damn you.

walk with God your whole life.
put Him first in all things, and He will grant you the desires of your heart.

make sure your boyfriend is a Christian
you don't want to be unequally yoked.

I love you buddy.

God Bless

I'll be praying for you.

777 | on May 11, 2013

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