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I wish God would either bless me or kill me I hate the life I was given I want it to end I think God is bias help me lord or kill me but make a Move because IM getting bitter and vengeful forgive me but enough is enough IM tired of being poor while the wicked make millions

by yo

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Praying for you and giving God thanksgiving as you are bless. The killing of Self Will is a task for oneself. May God bless you to realize your purpose in life and to accept God's will for it.

Anonymous | on Aug 13, 2012

Dear yo,
Believe me,I know exactly what your saying,if its in your heart you have to say it,GOD know our hearts, I believe he knows how hard it is in this world financially,i need him to make away for me too, I am tired if window shopping, having hopes &dreams that are STUCK,,GOD is our source,i am worn out too,
Crying out for a breakthrough,
i am getting old,,Thankyou for praying your bold prayer,

Anonymous | on Aug 13, 2012

Psalms 37 please read it

faithaire | on Aug 13, 2012

this frustration is mine as well...not about being rich or money...but more of..?
God..? Where are you precious Lord...?

777 | on Aug 13, 2012

Nobody give up, I know how it feels like to envy the money of others w we as humans are naturally inclined to envy what we don't have but think of what we do, we have God who will never leave us, money is a material thing and in the end has no importance. I like to think of my life as a blessing, the more money you have the more you are tempted to buy things that may not be good for you and you are tempted to get more and more money. But God knows what he's doing, he loves you and will protect you, will money do the same? He gives us the most greatest thing of all, eternal life. Would you want to give that all up?

Anonymous | on Aug 14, 2012

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