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Fellow Christians, when you have Prayed and Prayed and Prayed over some really bad mental conditions that you have and Jesus has not answered yes to it and brought Healing and a Calmness and a Peace to the situation, how do you or are you to react, I to myself call these mental things like a silent killer because no one can see it and it hurts so bad and you have to know it is taking a great toll on your whole body with all the stress from it, anyway not sure just what I am driving at but I need to know how others see this, I am so discouraged, please make comments and I need you all to please continue to Pray for me ! Please ! Thank you all ! Kim Haynes/M/60

by KH

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Kim. I have no real advice to offer but I didn't want you to feel alone. I'm not really sure what you are going through exactly and on the subject of mental issues I have to expertise. But I can say that discouragement is from the devil and we must fight that. Continue to seek God and seek medical attention (as it is given to us from our Father) if you havent already. Blessings!!

amilya213 | on Aug 13, 2012

I am bipolar. I struggle everyday with depression. My therapist says that we may not see what everyone else's struggles are but just because we do not see them doesn't mean they don't have them, some even worse. God said to pick up your cross and follow him, I've learned to not always measure how big my cross is but just take one step at a time. I hope you find some peace with your struggles, I know it feels impossible to me almost every day.

Jackie | on Aug 13, 2012

Your faith Kim gives me faith, for you trust in God so deeply. God is working in you something big.praying with all my heart

John 16:33 | on Aug 13, 2012

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