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U said u gotta dig down deeper into your heart and find out wat everyone is talking about then u go to god and tell him you wanna make a shout out then so they can stop blaming and stop judging you. We are the light of the world and jesus is there right next you no matter what happens to you. He shows love and care that's perfect we love him right c'mon make a stand I know you can and I believe and trust you guys that's wat we do I will watch over u like he did for us we all have a light and we have a right to shine like the sun but brighter. Life change ppl change it happens it really really happens a lot c'mon make some noise c'mon let me hear ya I cant hear ya louder I no you u can do better than that now scream it out loud thts better thts wat I like to hear remember wat I said in the beginning tonight it's gonna b a miracle ok ok let's bring it in bring it in I just want to Tell ya somethin love could happen it's really strong and powerful now lets pray prayer time dear lord Jesus thank u for letting us being here tonight and lord please touch us and let us be in your presence heal us some ppl may b broken and they need u just b here tonight and tht your moving in us thank you lord thank you in Jesus name I pray amen.
Give them a big hand the side prophets

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