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Dear father send my family a financial my family through are struggles.please take from us our our eyes to the needs of others as well as the needs of our us to stand together as a family in our times of us to bless others in their time of us to be able to help others through their us always to be thankful for the blessings we receive even in our darkest us to always trust and believe in you to get us through any thing we are going us to show all in this world it is you father not us to stand together as the sons and daughters of the one who gave it know that you have a purpose for us all.that you want nothing but good for us all.that we know that the struggles we are going through is just to bring us closer to you.its our choice to take the chance you have given us.we can turn from it and loose our way or take the path that leads to you.we think our burdens or struggles are bad but then I read about yours father and I see there is no comparison to went through all of that for would have even gone through it for just one.thats how much you love us.father its a shame we dont see that more then we do.we think of ourselves so much these days lord and forget about every one else.we forget to love as you put others before yourself.we seem to forget that at times.father guide us in our decisions we us all to become the men and women that you want us to us to full fill the purpose you sent us here us to think of the ones we love and the ones who love us when times get bad.father give us strength to get through our darkest our eyes to see what you are doing in our our ears to hear the answers to our our hearts to feel the love that you have for us to not to judge us to pray for others and to stand by them in their time of need.father help us help each other without wanting any thing in return.lord send us the peace we seek.fill us with your holy spirit.forgive our sins known or unknown.father I pray for my family and friends and the people on this app.lord watch over them as they go about their them in all they do.send them a the blessings they are seeking and praying with them in their time of them the love you have for each of them.let them know you are a loving father who just wants his children to come home.let us all be your lights in this world because some times its all the light they matter what you are going through remember god loves you.when times get hard and you think no one is their for you or loves you just remember god is there and he loves you.there are people who are going through the same as you are so dont give up.things will get better.just trust and believe in god.keep praying and believing our father will answer your prayers.just remember he takes the bad out off our lives and replaces it with so much more.father let us have patience and wait for your answers.lets us know its in your time not ours.father even when the answers are no help us to remember in the end you know what is best for us.father you payed the price for us and have gone through so much more then we can ever imagine.more then we ever deserved.thank you father for all you have done for me and all you have blessed me with.thank you for my family and friends.thank you for all those you have brought in my life in my times of need.father I will be praying for all my family and friends and all on this app.hear their prayers send them the blessings they need.wrap them in your arms and keep them safe.god bless all of prayers and thoughts go out to all you.always your brother in christ amen

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Anonymous | on Aug 11, 2012

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