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Where god at help your children god if their is a god

by randy

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Dear Lord I want to share something with randy
there was a time in my life where i was not sure there was even a real God even though I have went to church in my early years becuase my grandpa made me
but as I got abit older more in my later teen years
of course I thought I knew it all and me and a friend and two girls that were just friends at the time would mess around with the occult like dream channeling some very nasty stuff.
just for fun all thought
but as some more years went by more freaky stuff started happen
until one night I was talking on my phone in the dark with no care in the world with my best friend and slowly I started to feel a drop in the temperature as I felt this cold chill surround me
which there was no fan and window was close shut and then I started to feel something or someone creep up against me and chills go even colder now
my friend on the phone say to me which very much shock me said"what ever you do donot turn around
and I said what do you mean?
he say there is for some reason I can at this moment see into your room and what is behind you is pure evil
I can only see very dark shapes
and I said what the hell and he said yes you are correct .
so we both lost time as this event seem like it was lasting forever
but then my grandma open the door and walk in and she is every ok.
as soon as she open the door and turn on the light every thing wost go and the tempture was back to normal.
so we talk about this afterwards and my friend said to me that to this day has stuck in mind and probly will the rest of my life
he said"that he really strong beleive that night That The Lord and Only The True God allow him to see into my room to warn me"
after that and many months later I started to realized that there is a real devil and there are real dark force at work in this world that cannot be explain.
so if there is a real emeny then maybe what I have heard in church all those years there must be a real God
I share all of this in Jesus Name Amen
if anyone is wondering how I found out there is a real Jesus and He did come to Save us all from hell
just let me know
Brian Craig

bcraig | on Aug 11, 2012

Praise God
Thank U Jesus

Thanking Jesus Every Day | on Aug 11, 2012

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