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Sometimes God I just want to say ditto my last prayer, You know my heart and the words are the same. I'm still struggling with the jealousy and insecurity, but it's almost now even turned into being angry and annoyed and frustrated. I don't want to be any of these things but it's like stuff keeps happening to make me feel this way. I was hoping that expressing to Nathan how I felt about it would help but God it's almost like he took that and ran with it and is not respecting anything I said. It's hard to know Lord if I just need to give up this battle and move on. I've had to spend so much energy lately just thinking about why is Nathan saying this to her or acting this way towards her and he only told me this or didn't tell me that. It's just getting to be an unnecessary weight on me, but I want Nathan to understand why it bothers me. Giving up on it seems like the weak way to just let him win. I know it's not about that but I'm just in this spot right now Lord. I know You probably think I'm so foolish and if I could only see the big picture. I'm just bringing this to You because it's my heart and I don't know what else to do with it. I'm casting my cares (even if they're juvenile and selfish and ridiculous) on You because You care for me and I know You want the best for my heart and life. Father just direct me and give me peace of mind. If there is confessing or anything that needs to be done on Nathan's part allow that to happen and just convict him of treating me in a way that puts me down instead of lifting me up. I feel emotionally drained about all of this and it makes me feel immature and petty. But here it is God, take it, whatever it is. I don't want these feelings of jealousy insignificance insecurity and fear to have reign in my life. Father cast them out and keep them far from me. I want to live in Your truth and Your life, not those dark emotions that creep over me and desire to overtake me along with my relationship with Nathan which You orchestrated by Your perfect timing. I love You Lord...teach me to be the woman You've called me to be. And bless Nathan even if he does things I don't understand. Help me to be more understanding and not always so quick to assume and condemn. Protect us Savior and lead us. In Jesus' name, amen.

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You are torn between different events at your vanity fair, you are struggling because you are hokding on to the world too tight. Run to Him, dont look back. Remember Lots wife.

Romans 3:23-28 | on Aug 10, 2012

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