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Papa, I think I want to go spend a few days with my parents and then start picking up on my NCLEX studying. Idk where to start but I need a change .. somewhere, Idk what to do with my life. In Jesus name. Amen.

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ill pray for you i took my nclex and it was very challenging but just study study and keep faith :)

Anonymous | on Aug 10, 2012

I took it today and I'm sure I failed. I don't even know how to study anymore. ):

Anonymous | on Aug 10, 2012

what study tools did you use??? i suggest getting Kaplan test really helped and doing online lvn nclex questions you have to pay for it but it really helps!!!

Anonymous | on Aug 10, 2012

I used the Saunders Comprehensive. I have the Kaplan exam book. I think the next time I have it I have to be more aggressive with how I study. Some people didn't even study and they passed. Where can I get those practice questions from?

Anonymous | on Aug 11, 2012

sorry so late on the reply but i failed my first time too i did not study enough the 2nd time i had to study for 2 months straight basically all day with breaks i used exam cram kaplan test stratagies and the online questions i wrote down questions on flash cards if i got the question wrong to review you know and also if you dont what something means or what it looks like look it up on youtube but the online questions really really helped go to and click on NCLEX PN it cost but its soooo worth it i pray you pass next time and i hope i helped i know how it feels to fail ill be praying for you.

Anonymous | on Aug 12, 2012

Thank you so much. You have helped me alot. I shall go look up the website now. Thank you. God bless you ten fold. (:

Anonymous | on Aug 12, 2012

your welcome no problem god bless you to if you have any questions or need help email me [email hidden from spammers] i want you to pass!

Anonymous | on Aug 12, 2012

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