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Dear Lord I come to You and Only You Oh Lord and I ask that You and Only You will give dream's and thoughts that can soften and prepare hearts of two people for Jesus in Your Time Oh Lord and Your Way to The One and Only One that died for all our sins.
Lord I ask You and Only You that You will take them as they are and cause situations in their life to bring them to Jesus
as each one has a very different belief idea of Who You are.
my friend keith's dad from what I am hearing from him believes that their is a higher power
but as far as I know that is it

and the sweet lady across my street miss crane is 80 years old
and she believes in God and says That God is All Powerful
and yes this is true but I do not think she thinks she needs Jesus to make it to Heaven.
Lord I could be wrong since I am only human my self but from our talks she seems to think if she does good works she will enter in Heaven.
so Lord I ask That You and Only You by faith in Christ Jesus that You and Only You would please bring supernatural insight to this lost souls.

and Lord please help me to just love them as they are and watch as You and Only You change them onto brother and daughter in Christ
for this is Your's and Only Your job Oh Lord
not mans or woman all we can do is pray

and Lord the reason why I say and ask That You Oh Lord and You do it Only
is because I have learn that other dark forces are also a foot
to listen and bring some kind of chaos.
so I believe when we prayer we might be consider who we pray to. because their are other spirits that are not from The One and True God That send His One and Only True Son Jesus to come and destroy all darkness.
that would just love to give anyone that is not thinking straight a false ways of thinking or give us confusing minds.

so take comfort as long as we call on The One and Only True God by faith Through Christ Jesus we our fine and protect

I share and ask all this in Jesus Name Amen

by bcraig

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