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Father I come and pray to you tonight to ask for your forgiveness of all the sins I have don't. I repent of all the vile thoughts and poisoned words I have done that dishonored you. I do not want to fall short of your glory Father. Please forgive mine and all the worlds sins. I also want to praise you Father for giving and blessing me with your gifts. Last nite my ex girlfriend and I were talking and she forgave me of breaking up with her. When I told her that, I forgave myself then and there and it put me to tears. I was happy I heard that from her. Lord we have started talking again and I want to have het back in my life again. She made me very happy every day as I did for her. It is by your will and plan if this were to be so. I do miss her a lot. She brought so much joy in my world. Thank you Lord fir everything again. Praise be to You, Praise be to my Lord and Savior Jesus, and Praise be to the Holy Spirit forever and ever. In Jesus Holy name I pray. Amen.

by Christian soldier

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Dear Lord our loving father! Please help Christian soldier find his way back to his ex girlfriend if that is the right person for him. Please help him be happy! Help him find his way, direct his path.
I also pray for the worlds sins. Please forgive everyone for thier sins. I pray the world repents and finds thier way to you. Forgive Christian soldier of his sins and bless him.
Thank you for hearing this prayer amen

 Caitlin  | on Feb 14, 2010

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