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God i have been giving u praise but i havent been praying like im surposed to and things are ok with me i love u and i no ur here and that u will never leave my side i thank u threw out my days and nights 4 ur blessings u are so good to me i no that i havent been to church n a wile but i no its time my fear and faith that i have in me for u will get me threw but i no prayer changes things i acknowledge u everyday 2 others and my self and im proud of that in me ur the best thing in my life my lord jesus and my father god without u there would be no me ur my rock ur my strength ur my light ur my salvation i love u and i thank u so much 4 ur mercy and grace i just thank u 4 everything oh and god dont deliver me in the hands of man or mans laws may u keep me out of jail and in good health and may u get satin and his deamons off my back out of my life and out of my mind all i need is wisdom and knowledge thanku the lord of abraham......jacob......joseph......david.......amen.......amen.....amen

by joefeezy pleas believe me

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God bless, man after God's own Bert. I must let u know that I 2 have been feeling thus same way feeling distance from God. I'm believing Satan is trying hard for all God's children to loose, faith,believe , trust, and love for our lord and Savior. Yet, we know that if God is b4 us who will b against us. Trully, all God's children. R blessed coming in and blessed going out. We have to believe it. One thing for sure in anything that Satan or his demons cannot do anything to us without permission. If God allows us to go through things, he will surely bring. Us out.:)

foreverloved | on Feb 15, 2010

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