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Lord I come to with lots & lots of faith †. I am in a situation to where I don't wanna hurt my fiancées feeling about getting his 5 kids for the summer. Right now its very hard for us financially with one income in the house. Hardly can buy groceries & necessities for him ,our 2 yr & I . Both of our vehicles are not running ones wreck & the other over heats really bad :/ we don't have any money to fix them. I just pray that maybe his kids won't come just this one summer. I don't want them to come suffer with us. It well be way to much on our plates especially that were barley making it & struggling at that. I need to get me a good paying job so then maybe I can help him support his kids during the summer time. But as for now its not good timing for them to come down. Please lord hear my prayers please i don't wanna have to struggle more than we are now. We need to save as much money first & get our vehicles fixed & have plenty of money for groceries & other things. Lord I don't wanna sound selfish I'm just trying to make the best of it. There's always holidays that they can visit there daddy or we can go visit them just until we get our life together please lord please I pray that they don't come & suffer there better off with there mom who gets foodstamps & child support for all 5 of them. Besides there mom well not help our either knowing that they need to eat & need necessities when there here she don't care how poor we are she is very selfish with her money, we went through hell last summer & her knowing that we had no groceries no money she still didn't wanna send money or foodstamps for her own kids. So please father here my cry lord. Not this yr please! † Amen,

by Save me †

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