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life for me has been impossible,,,I have been trying my best,with the knowledge I have at that time,,with all the tools you've given me,,I ask you give me your wisdom,more,&more each day,,but it seems like its too little too late,,
nothing is working,,for me,,
I need you to reach down,,
turn things around,,
I am not whinning,
Just reviewing the video,of my life,
make sense out of all of this,,
show me I am a wanted,beloved, valuable person,on this earth.. intervene,I praise you through it all knowing,everything will not be understood,,please bless this mess,especially in front of my,
ex-husband,&best friend,that where only there for the fair weather,,search me & know me,,let there be nothing that disappoints you,I want to live my life for you,,first,,,I don't blame anyone,I blame myself,,I need to be smarter,faster,
thank-you LORD,
please understand that I only want to be honest,trying to be a person,on this earth,,,but living according to your kingdom,,thank-you ,,that we can talk about anything and everything,,
,my life seems like an unsolvable,puzzle,like all the kings horses &all the kings men,can't put my life back together again,or like humpty dumpty,too many pieces to put together again,I have to put on a brave face,but inside,I die when I have to face everybody,,one more day with,no answers,yet in my spirit I grow closer to you
please make my life a miracle,,Just like in the book of GENESIS chpt.1 when your spirit was hovering over the earth,&you called forth life,&you called it good, &beautiful,
I ask that you do that,, over the darkness of my life,call it done &it will be done,,turn everything so powerfully that I owe no man nothing but love,
your love
Make my dreams possible,,

by Anonymous

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