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f you’re a Christian, you need to know that you have already asked God for the greatest miracle that He can grant a person—and His answer was yes. Without question, the greatest miracle you can ever seek from God is the saving of a lost soul.

When God brings salvation to a person, He cancels the curse of sin, reverses the effects of death, frees a captive from Satan, and secures the person forever in his heavenly kingdom. That’s the biggest miracle that God can ever perform. It requires more power and more sacrifice than anything else you can ask God to do. Why? Because it required the death of His Son.

God parted the Red Sea, sent multiple plagues upon the Egyptians, opened blind eyes, caused the mute to speak, straightened crooked limbs, cast out demons, and even raised the dead, all without having to kill His own Son. But when it came to setting sinners free, the death and resurrection of Jesus was required.

Nothing was ever more demanding for our Holy God. Creation—the forming of the universe, the earth, and the laws that govern them—was easy for God compared to what it cost Him to save you and me. If God’s answer to the most demanding prayer is always yes; if God has never said no to that which requires the highest output of His love, power, and grace, then how do you think He’ll respond when His children ask him for other things that are specific and biblical?

When you have the scope of your prayer aimed right at the heart of God, when you’re asking God for what He said He can and will do, know that you’re on solid ground. God has already promised that He will come through.

by Ibis Y. Colon

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