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Dear lord I come to you with so many things. you have blessed us with so many things.things that i have taken for granted and forgot to say thank you for. i have forgotten to thank you for all the people you have brought into my life in my time of need. i have forgotten the shouldersi have stood on to get where i am today.i have walked away from you so many times and tried to live my life with out you being apart of it.i have tried to live in the world and not have you in my life.every time i have done this my life falls apart.i should be the leader of my family but I have failed in so many ways.i feel like giving up on every thing.i feel like im loosing every thing along with my family .its my fault things have gotten this way because of the choices i have made.i just dont know what to do any more.i know i cant face these problems alone any more.i need your guidance.i need your strength and your love to get my through these troubling times.i pray for forgiveness of our weaknesses and for our mistakes.i pray that you let me lead my family back to you and to remember to be thankful for all you have done and will do for us.lord I just feel like im a failure to my family for putting us where we are.i feel ashamed of myself for not being able to take care of my family they way I should.I pray that you come to us in our time of great need in our money stop bill collectors from calling threating me.our struggles with our faith,and our belief in you to get us through that we can become closer to you dear become men and women of help others in their time of put our trust in you always.i pray you help my daughter find a job and cc to forgive all that hurt her.tammie gets her settlement money soon so we can pay our bills.i dont want to loose every thing cause of the choices i made cause i listened to others.i know im susposed to be the stong one but its getting harder and harder with all the bills coming in at breaking down every day at work and home in front of every one.i dont want to loose my job and family because of so scared lord please help send us the blessings we need.please take these burdens from us dear lord.all i want is to have us all become more like you lord . So that we truly believe and trust in you in all things .i pray for all those that send in prayers to this site dear lord.may you hear their prayers and help them in their struggles and be there in their times of need always.thank you jesus name I pray amen.god bless all of you

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