Prayer Request

Dear lord,
Mama is gone.
N I feel very lost.
Please ? Prayer
Warriors please?
Pray for me. Mama
Left something
For me that is very
Valabule.that my
Mama wanted
Me 2 have.
N she n he
It. It is suppose
2 help me thru
Life. But she
Took it. She thinks
I don't know about it
But mama told
Me long before.
About it.
She promise. She would
Give it 2 me.
But iv forgot
Her promises
Is not good.
Its lies. She n he
Don't believe
In u my
Lord in
I'm sorry i can never
Tell my age.
You know. What
My lord in
Heaven. You
Was there. My lord
In heaven. Please
Prayer warriors
Please pray for
Me 2 hang on. Please?
Prayer warriors. You
Are my only hope.
N our lord
In heaven
Your my only
Hope also.
My lord in
Heaven. My faith
Is in your hands
My father in heaven.
I love you my
Father in heaven
N all prayer
Warriors.thank you
Our father in heaven
Thank you prayer
Warriors. Amen,


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You are in the prayers of a family that cares! :) You are never ever alone. Jesus said I will never leave you nor forsake you! There are many on this app who care and pray! And like yourself God is raising up new people every day! Everyone gets lonely and it sounds as though someone did you wrong but remember God is a great equalizer he is our wonderful councilor prince of peace and he will work things out for you! God Bless! Diane

jesusseer | on Jun 13, 2012

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