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Prayers not being answered go to learn why. They have many teachings you can save to your phone that will teach you how to get your prayers answered. I did and life is so much better. God bless

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Alexander | on Jun 10, 2012

Interesting its not my website but it is where people who struggle can find answers and everything is FREE. Where is the love in what you are doing? Sad do you know Jesus as your saviour if so why would you hurt him like this? Praying for you.

Anonymous | on Jun 10, 2012

That was really uncalled for. What a judging christian you are. :-(

Alexander | on Jun 11, 2012

We can not judge the unrepented sinner but other who call themselves believers we are to judge their actions and try to help them if we can. Uncalled for no judging yes.

Anonymous | on Jun 11, 2012

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