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Someday I will walk on streets of gold..maybe then,,,
I won't need money,,,maybe we will pay for things in heaven with dirt,,,I don't know,,,YOU, always keep me thinking,,,& ,thinking deeper.
On this earth now,,
Everything is but dirt,,,
except YOU..
But,,, just getting by,,,barely
is painful ,,,,
to see needs,& see your world around,you,crumbling.,,,
That really,,,really,,seriously hurts,
Deep down in your soul,hurts
where dreams are born,,
let's face it,,,
I am in a financial straight-jacket,can't move,,
can't even afford to dream,,
I am tired of window shopping,
I don't worship money or anything else for that matter,,
I don't try to anyway,,,
because I trust what you say about that,,
I only worship YOU...
I need you to show me you care,
Showing me my way to make it,,,on this side of the grave,,
I appreciate,beautiful things,
In fact,
I love having & sharing nice things,but there is a financial yoke,that needs to be broken..
I hate having to ask for,even talk about money, for that matter
satin likes to make me uncomfortable about asking,,
wants to make me feel like beautiful things are for everyone else., not me,
But,,,likes to make me think I only want your hand,& not all of you,
that's not true,
I worship you,&you alone,
its you & you alone,that ,give us the power to get wealth.,
Thank-you I can talk to you about anything &everything,,,I need a brite idea or something,,,please help.
It's clear,
I need your intervention,or some type of a miracle or something,
so I am no ones burden,,
right now I am a burden
,to others,
Thank-you,for caring about every part of my life,
I need your favor,,
like Solomon,I ask for wisdom & knowledge always,,
,in everything,
Show me my way,,
For financial security,,
Money problems are infecting,& affecting,every part of my life,,
I don't know how,, for me,
To make enough of it,,,
I feel better that we talked,,
It's in your hands.
I know I am in your will


by Anonymous

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