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I would appreciate if everyone who reads this could take a moment to pray for me. Im a 40 year old single woman, never married, no kids, couple family members out of state. I have no money, a job im miserable at, am painfully lonely and have slipped into a depression that I cant get myself out of. I look around and see people who live lives filled with joy (love surrounds them), I cry every day convinced god has, and is punishing me and it is his will for me to have noone. My hurt hurts to the core, my spirit is broken...I ask for prayer bc I cant seem to see any light at the end of my tunnel. Loneliness is literally killing me. I need a miracle. Someone, somewhere to care. I try to accept this is gods will and believe there is some plan for me....but I stare at these four walls day after day and the hope just feels gone. Please pray for me, for my soul. I truly am lost, lonely, hurting and am struggling. God bless.

by Anonymous

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You are not alone. God loves you. Keep praying. God has a purpose for you. God bless you.

Anonymous | on Jun 07, 2012

Thank you and god too. I pray he reveals that purpose!

Anonymous | on Jun 07, 2012

I am praying for you. I have tears in my eyes reading that. I know all too well how you feel and have been in a similar situation my whole life but am just a little bit younger. I feel your pain though. And I know what it's like to feel like God doesn't have a plan for you or is withholding good things from you. But those are lies that the enemy wants us to believe. I dont know why nothing has happened yet for either of us, but we are daughters of the King, truly and deeply loved, and He is always there and feels our pain. God bless you dear woman. I pray that God fill all the desires He's placed in your heart far beyond your wildest dreams.

Anonymous | on Jun 18, 2012

Thank you so much. And I shall pray for you as well. May bless you, deeply.

Anonymous | on Jun 19, 2012

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