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Dear God,

It’s simple. I want to praise you and thank you for everything in this life that you have given us. I’m going to try and thank you without asking you for anything in this prayer, because that’s the hardest thing to do, to not ask for anything in return. So here it goes. Thank you, for the rain, for the sunshine. Thank you, for the earth that you created for us to live on. Thank you for creating us. Thank you for giving me a home to live in. Thank you for the love and warmth of my family. Thank you for all the awesome friends that I have, including you. Thank you God, for my girlfriend. She is awesome. Thank you God for school, even thought we don’t like school that much, thank you for the opportunity to learn. Thank you God, for my church, for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for the clothes that you give to us to wear. Thank you God, for the books. Thank you God, for the food that your provide for us everyday. Thank you God for the clouds, the sunsets, the sunrises, the rainbows, the lightning, the rain, the moon, the stars. Thank you God, for the ocean, the seas, the lakes, the rivers, the ponds, the creeks. Thank you God, for the animals, for people, for the trees, for the flowers. Thank you God, for society, for music. Thank you God, for movies. Thank you God, for art, for color. Thank you God, for the leaders in this world, either small or big. Thank you God, for children. Thank you God, for adults, teenagers. Thank you God, for wisdom, experience, knowledge. We appreciate all these things and more. Let us all know this. Thank you God for listening. I Love You, With all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. Thank you for Love. Thank you for being LOVE.

In Your Almighty Name, In your Son’s Name, In Jesus Christ’s Name, In the Holy Spirit I pray, and we all pray,


by GodChild

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Awesome! We have so much to be thankful for!

jesusseer | on Jun 06, 2012

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