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Thank you God for allowing me to wake this morning. And thank you for your children on this site who pray for me. A true follower in Christ does as Jesus would want them to do. In this world today it is so hard to trust people because the devil is so busy deceiving.

Last night I prayed to you to give me the strength to get out of this abusive relationship because I feared he would kill me. Sometimes when I look into my abusers eyes I would believe that I could see that he loved me.

After yesturday when he choked me to the point that I started having an asthma attack I saw and felt so much hate and anger. Could I actually love someone like this? The more I think about it I get mad at myself for caring. I even went out to eat with him a few hours after he choked me, dragged me from my car, and cursed me.

So many of your children heard my prayer last night and I cried reading their responses because they were so right. I know that I may be weak right now because of my bipolar disorder, chronic sickness and all of my woes but I want to be strong. I never want to be abused again. I never want to forced to do something I don't want to do. Please God help me to love who I am. Please make me the woman I need to be so that the man you want me to be with can find me.

Please bless me. You have always been there for me since I was old enough to know who you are. I want to continue to have this friendship. I love you, and I need you right now.

by NyaSyanthe

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God will help you just put it in his hands. May God forgive him for what he has done to you and give you strength to move on. May God be with you.

In need of the power of the Almighty! | on Feb 07, 2010

Please live yourself enough to leave... I am sure you are a wonderful person. Bi-Polar or not help is everywhere if you just ask. Please for the love if yourself leave today!!! I'll pray for you! Dear Father please give her the strength and courage to leave today and keep her strong and safe... I pray in Jesus name Amen

Jaime | on Feb 07, 2010

Lord I come to u today to ask you to take extra care of NyaSyanthe she needs u today. I pray she get out of this situation before it gets worse. She does not deserve this kind of treatment from a man she once loved. Lord please help her.

indira | on Feb 07, 2010

You can do it! As your sister in Christ. I pray God gives you the srength to leave and love yourself as God loves you too. You were wonderfully created no matter what you struggle with. You are beautiful. May God bless you.

Prayful | on Feb 07, 2010

Ten yrs ago I was in the same situation with a little girl to take care of it took six months for me to get the courage to leave but I did and you can to I had to ask for help from Jesus and others but it worked out and will for you to don't stay they don't change my ex went to cousling and still didn't sweetheart life was not mentioned to live this way this is not how the lord intended for a man and women to love each other please leave I am remarried for seven years and am truly bless with a man of God I will pray for you you can do this you are stronger than you think it will amaze you how strong you are live for the lord and leave you are his child and he wants more for you lord give her the strength to move on in Jesus name I pray

Anonymous | on Feb 07, 2010

I just got out of an verbally abusive relationship after eight years. My kids and I am doing great. I trusted in God and we have all we need. You can do it. They don't change. God will supply all your needs and desires. Pray for strength. I will be praying for your strength and safety. Stay encouraged and most of all trust God.

Anonymous | on Feb 07, 2010

I feel much stronger over the last couple days. God bless you and thank you sincerely for your prayers for me.

NyaSyanthe | on Feb 11, 2010

Dear Lord,
Guide this child away from her abuser. Abuse never stop's. Lord give her the strength to leave her abuser. Love is not suppose to hurt. Oh Lord hear her prayer's & the people who are praying for her. I remember those day's myself when I got beat on. I stayed there for a while thinking that he loved me & that the abuse would stop. But it didnt. Lord u did step in & gave me the strength to love myself & to leave. Thank u. Lord I ask that u do the same for this child of ur's that is going through the same. Teach her to love herself. In the name of Jesus Christ!

Your Child | on Feb 16, 2010

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