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Dear God,

I am tired of being abused. You know what happened today. I thought he was going to kill me. But you know this is not the first time. I keep giving him chances because he says he is sorry but he keeps doing the same thing- hurting me verbally and physically. I know that I have been abused in the past and now in my present. I use to think women were stupid for letting men abuse them but now I am one of them and I feel so stupid. I cried so much today that my eyes are still burning. I even talked to him and went out to eat this evening with the person who abuses me. I have two issues I am handing over to you. One, please take my feelings for him away so I can move on because today I thought he was going to kill me. You know my babies need me and I can't die right now. Two, I pray to honestly forgive him and not have thoughts of seeking revenge on him for hurting me. I know I said only 2 but also can you help him and give me the strength also to help myself. I am putting this in your hands because I can no longer deal with this. I am only 28. If I don't get the strength now I feel I never will.

In Jesus name, Amen.

by Gods Nya

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Get out u r a child of God ur father owns everything he is everything dnt sit n this situation another day once a man puts his hands on u he will do it again God will take care of u always dnt forget who God is he loves u

jazz-dc | on Feb 06, 2010

Thank you. I am trying to be strong to do this. I appreciate your comments and prayers.

NyaSyanthe | on Feb 06, 2010

I know it seems hard right know, but my mom was abused for seven years. She put up with that for seven years cause she loved him and he was all she knew but when he put his hands on me that's what finally made her leave him. I know every situation is different but God says be wise and as long as you have God by your side you will be blessed in ways you couldn't imagine. And you are worth more than that, your a precious child of God. You are in my prayers stay strong my friend, and please what ever it is you choose to do, stay safe. I pray that God not only gives you strengh but also guidence. One of these days God is gona use you to mentor to other young women going threw similar. Keep your head up stay strong. Be blessed

Daddys diamond | on Feb 06, 2010

Pls you r older enough to know that u r doing bad by staying with him if u love your kids and yourself pls leave away of him god will help you but u need to put yr part

roni | on Feb 06, 2010

I am going to keep u in my prayers. Keep praying to God he will help u get through this difficult time. U need to protect ur self n ur kids... u need to get out go stay by someone for several weeks til u decide what u want to do... most of all keep praying and never give up things will get better...

indira | on Feb 06, 2010

God wants you to be happier in your life and you must remind yourself that love doesn't involve abuse. You deserve better and I will keep you in my prayers.

yours in christ | on Feb 06, 2010

God would not want you to be in a position that prevents you from leading others to Christ. This situation you are in hurts you and God as well. Please leave and Begin to rebuild yourself. God loves you and wants you safe in His kingdom. Like you told yourself more....I will be praying for you. God bless.

Prayful | on Feb 06, 2010

John 14 and 1 says let not your heart be troubled yea belive in god also belive in me you have to look in the mirror and say I am a wonderful person I do not deserve this abuse me and my kids can a will get through this and when you make up in your mine to move you pack what u need while his at work and as you walking from the house don't look back look up and say lord I thank you you are stronger then you give your self credit for . I will be praying for you

baby girl | on Feb 06, 2010

This situation isn't the easiest, but you need to understand that you have a child or children. My mom was abused for 15 yrs before she decide to leave my father, I used to dream I would wake up and find my mother dead, even when I was alone asleep I can hear my mothers screams. If it wasn't for the prayers of our loved ones and our faith in God I dnt think my mom would be alive. Enough is enough and you have to get out, just go God will not leave you he never has but you have to put your part in, because your child or children need you. You need to find the strength in your heart and the love for your child or children to move on with the only man that has never failed you. I will pray for you everyday and your child or children so that God can be your guide through this awful experience. As my sister in Christ may God bless you now and always.

heaven | on Feb 06, 2010

Thank you very much for these prayers. All of you are right about me needing to leave. Luckily he doesn't live with me but the problem is we work together. I am going to look for a new job because I don't want or need to be near him. God bless all of you for praying for me in my time of need. I really needed to know that someone besides the Lord cares about me. Sometimes I feel like no one does. Thank you.

NyaSyanthe | on Feb 07, 2010

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