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Lord thank you for waking me up this day a day i never seen before my husband and i was invited gto church around the time he cheated the pastor said come to the altar he went and i was hearing him asking god to forgive him for cheating. And he hug me crying saying im so sorry am i wrong i dont belive him i dont trust him i really feel he would do it again i have my wall up i ask you lord tell me what to do. I have never cheated on this man. An old friend has came out of no where my x boyfriend we dated when i was in my teen years iknow hes the devil dress up in sheep clothing but im still hurting from the cheating. And what set me off the bank statement came in the mail and that was a slap in the face he used our account to take this girl to the hotel lord i need you im going to snap am i wrong i have my own accounts now

by baby girl

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Hold out and hold on to GOD. Trust him to lead and guide you. I understand how you feel but hold on my sister hold on..

FINALLY FREE | on Feb 06, 2010

I went threw similar, I had asked him over and over and finally he told me. I was so mad I just wanted him to feel my pain so I slept with one of his friends. After that I couldnt handle it. It was awful I felt so dirty I cried more for this then when he cheated on me. It wasn't worth it I'm not that kind of women so when all that happend I felt like a prostitute forced to do something. Stay strong girl and if you can't forgive him don't be with him, cause trust me you'll relive that day for a long time. I say all of this with the most respect. You take care of your self put God first and I promise he will come threw for you, don't lose your self ,cause I did. Be blessed your precious

Daddys Diamond | on Feb 06, 2010

I know it must be very hard for you. If you do not trust him you may want to pray so God can help you rebuild the trust. Its good to protect yourself from being hurt. However instead of building a wall maybe ask God to give you the wisdom to know exactly how to handle this situation. You are right the devil always deceives. Your ex popped up very conveniently. Just as God uses people so does the devil. Remember the ex is an ex for a reason. You broke up because the relationship was probably broken. True enough he may be able to comfort you but not like God can. Keep talking to the Lord and continue believing in him. He will direct you in the right path. Remember also your husband has to answer to God for what he's doing. I will pray for you and your family that everything works out. God bless you both.

NyaSyanthe | on Feb 07, 2010

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