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my husband was married twice before me and had a kid with each one. The first ex has been taking my husband to court over their son for as long as i can remember. She has it out for him and wants to make him miserable! She wont even let him speak to him without whispering in the boys ear telling him to say mean things to his dad. Shes evil. He hasnt seen his son in over a year!! She wont even let him have normal conversTions with his dad cause he has to pause for 2 mins to listen to what shes telling him before he will ansewer!! Its ridiculous!!! he is an awesome dad to his kids and the only reason she wont let their son see him is csuse shes jealous of me and our marriage!! We have a lawyer but shes not doing anything. We need a lawyer thats gonna go in and be a firecracker!! Someone very tough!!! Were low on money so could u pray that he gets visitation back with his son and that she finally gets what she deserves?!!!

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