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I wanna thank the LORD for everything he has done for me lately, he has showin me the truth with my fiance. I caught him with a bunch of **** on the computer and at the moment all I felt was sick and I wanted to find the fast way out of the situation. But the LORD helped me through it and he put it to my attention to write my fiance a letter with some bible verses in Matthew chapter 5 and it worked, he told me the truth the next day and the LORD answered my prayers about it all. But even though I now know the truth that feeling that makes me sick is still there and it feels like it'll never go away! I'm praying that I can adventually forgive him but its so hard.. I just want everyone to pray for me! I hope that all your prayers for me and my own willm help me out! LORD, please help me cope with my pain, but also learn to forgive him. Also LORD thank you for showing all of this to me in the first place. And thank you for bringing that elderly man into my work again, it was a blessing to talk to him. Bring him back to my work another day LORD. You always know when to cheer me up! Amen.

by Cayla<3

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I know how you feel, the same thing just happen to me. I asked God for a sign and he sent it. God is so good! I can not and will not forgive him, it hurts so bad. But what's next to come? I have lost all trust I thought our bond was stronger than that. With time all wounds will heal. I'm praying for your relationship and I wish you the best. You never know this might bring you two closer together!!!!!!

The Doll | on Feb 02, 2010

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