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God, your great. U are,you saw the best in me when everyone else only seen the worst in me. So many problems everyday but I'm strong as long as your by my side. Help me figure out what to do with this hair, it's so nerve racking. Thanks because I know if I ask its already done. I know your doing great, you're so amazing.I need your help on this situation, as you know it's been on my mind for some time but I never bothered to pray about it. Well, help me figure out what's up with JT. Are we going to be just friends, is there more, me and you both know I really don't have time for a relationship but if it's meant to be then I'll have to try, or is there nothing I lost him before and I really don't want to lose him again. God he's so different when I look at him I see str8 to his soul. When I'm around him my emotions run wild. I'm kinda scared of these feelings. His heart shines through to mines. I think my soul is in love with his soul,becuz flesh has nothing to do with this. I dont think about sex or even **** over him, its just pure.It's so new. I don't know God please help. No matter how he makes me feel it will never compare to how you make me feel. There isn't any words to describe that feeling I get completely speechless wen I do. Thanks so much God and I'll talk to you later.

by Soul Dreamer

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Look to God your Father to
meet all of your needs. Develop a strong relationship with Him first.

Mrs. S | on Feb 02, 2010

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