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Dear lord ,
Friday @ 3 am my childhood friend was murdered leaving a bar , the 4 suspects were caught and are awaiting trial ....... They were seen on camera dumpin the body in the middle of the st. On Newton st in Holyoke ma , he was a wonderful human being very well liked and loved and would do anything to help anyone ....... Im not doin so good im actually takin it pretty hard , to be honest im an absolute mess !! To top it off my mother is a recovering addict , i had sent her court ordered to a rehab , she came out smoked crack and someone had put pesticide in the crack , they knew who the owner of the house whom was her ex roomate ....... when another person went to smoke crack @ that house they found her 16 hours later foaming @ the mouth she was on life support for a week , i had her sectioned from there . She was doin good , messed up here and there because those so called "friends" people that poisioned the drugs will call her askin her to come over for coffee and stuff , she relapsed twice and last night did it she had asked me to get my brother earlie from school to then meet her for lunch and take him to his appointment he is disabled due to her drug and alcohol abuse ...... anyhow i had a bad bad feelin cause she didnt show up for lunch , she had then called me private and was high and spent 900 of my brothers money and is missing i did catch her @ that house and i loose it , i cant deal with it , all ive ever wanted was a mom as youve read in previous prayers how she had left me @ 5 to raise my sister .. Lord jesus she says such hurtful things to me please help her i cant loose my mother i wont , but everyone says its time for me to live my life and let go , my dad and her arent together but had been tryna help her n she just steals his truck , its just crazzii .. i need help wat do i do , its causin me to be a person i dont like , causing marriage issues , health issues , i never even wanna get outta bed ....... Please Lord watch over her , help her get clean again and stay clean and lord im not selfish but have always done for people im so down physically , mentally , finacially , please help my husband find a job , when will it be my turn to recieve help ??????? Lord watch over my family , my children , and help my mommie ....... Rest in piece Shaun Tiago ....... Jesus please i need help im too weak , so drained , im going to have a break down ....... Also thank you forf all youve done and continue to do please god bless all people and there familys and friend .. Thank You .. Amen ..

by melissa

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Anonymous | on Feb 02, 2010

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