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I feel like the world's against me. Like by true friend isn't my tire friend. Like by family sits there and talks about me. I hate this. Why can't I be optimistic? Why can I stop thinking with my emotions and just not care? Why can't my past be great, and no problems no broken hearts, families, self esteem? I just want to b NORMAL. It's to hard to b me. I'm tired. I'm drained. I can't breath. I wish I could call on You. But I just keep going through this. And I'm sorry for hurting You. But God, You don't want me... I don't even want me. You have so many others who are stronger. I'm sorry for failing You.

by brielia

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I'm praying for you... May God look upon us according to His mercy and grace.

Anonymous | on Feb 01, 2010

I know how u feel. It feels like your alone. But God hears us. Just keep the faith trust me I knw it's hard. But God is the only person tht we need. He's the only one tht will never leave nor forsake us. I'm praying for you.

heal my heart | on Feb 01, 2010

Thanku guys, I really appreciate it. I don't know the struggles you both are going through, but ill also pray for you both as well.

brielia | on Feb 02, 2010

God wants u the most! Iv been where u r,ur empty,alone,& some times fell like u can't go on or don't want to.... god loves u, hold on wit all might 2marrow is a new day give god thanx for waking up!!! Ask him for a calm sprit

adam normand | on Feb 02, 2010

Having come through depression I know it's possible to do the things you think you can't! Remeber God created every one of us, he wants you here!! X

NewBorn, UK | on Feb 02, 2010

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