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Please i am asking u, begging u to please heal my heart, i know it dissapoints u when i keep crying. Im sorry lord, i do trust u, and i do have faith u will fullfil ur promise to me, ur gonne bring my fiancee back lord, u told me to wait. I will wait, lord he is hagging out with the wrong people. Lord please touch his heart and open his eyes his girl is still here.

Lord this hurts so much. Not having him here. I see him everywhere i go. And i wanna cry becuz he isnt with me like he usually is. Please take away that girl thats distracting him and putting things in his mind. Lord he is my soulmate, he is the one.
Please lord bring him soon.

Lord i am asking u to please forgive me for taking him forgranted, and taking advantage of him im sorry for calling 5 psychics and spending 150 on then for something they ripped me off for. Lord please forgive me dont punish me for a mistake i did on while i got desparate. Lord please. Help me heal my heart, guide me, speak to me find all ways to speak to me. And please tell me lord to be patient and relax and to trust u. Lord i need u. I need u. I need u.


by Unique.ag28

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I've been here and know the pain your heart is feeling.I am praying for your. Heart.

dee | on Jan 31, 2010

Your broken so am I, I've got a heart of stone. No medication can cure what has taken hold.

darknessabides | on Jan 31, 2010

Unique I ask that you not consult psychics and such. I forget where, forgive me, but that is a sin astrologists and the like will not give you comfort only God. I'm sorry for intruding but I had to say it. May the Father answer your prayers and keep you.

phillip | on Jan 31, 2010

Phillip, if you read her prayer (which is to God alone) Unique was apologising for consulting psychics. She, by her prayers is putting her trust in Him alone and confessing and repenting for putting trust in others beforehand. Please be careful with your comments to peoples prayers and vulnerability. None of us died on the cross for one another so none of us are in the least qualified to judge or make commentary on someone elses deepest prayer. Unique, I pray for your broken heart and for Jesus to draw you near. I pray His will is done in your life. Thank you for sharing so we may stand with you in support.

Anonymous | on Jan 31, 2010

I apologize unique for any hurt I have caused I am sorry

phillip | on Jan 31, 2010

Guys its fine Phillip had his opinion on how he sees things that's how he felt then so be it. It won't make me or break me. God is with me and I have spent hours in tears asking the lord to forgive me for letting the devil take advantage on my weak moment. My prayer is for the lord and I share it here becuz I'm thankful for everyone who follows along in prayer. Phillip although I felt like u judge me, I'm not offeneded in anyway I know I did wrong. Just don't judge people for their dum errors that's why jesus dies for u and me and everyone. He dies for our sins. Much love

Unique.ag28 | on Feb 01, 2010

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