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Dear Lord,
I understand why my parents won't let me have sleepover; males. But please help them try to understand what situation I am in. Sleepovers is the only fun and childish thing I can do in high school before I go off to college. I have been suffering for the past 7 years without sleepovers because I see everyone become closer to each other while my relationship remains the same. And it hurts that my parents fears prevents me from even going out to hang out with my friends often. I have three months left in high school where I can do things I can't do in college such as sleepovers and I hope they understand. Help me understand them more Lord but also help my parents understand me.
I'm sorry for yelling and talking back to my parents. I'm not a angry person but I really think that their thoughts have gone too far. They literally think every single male will rape me. No. I'm sleeping over my church friend's house and yes I will be careful but aren't people from church the people we trust the most? I don't know. Help us Father to understand.
In Jesus's name I pray, Amen.

by epstergrl123

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Just remember your parents love you, it only want the best for you. I know it's hard being a teenager but it's also hard being a parent. I have a 10 year old and a 8 year old and I worry about him everyday. Trust that your parents are doing their best...and if you feel they're being unfair tried talking to them about it maybe you could help them understand your point of view. If you can't talk to them try writing a letter...

StoryGirl | on Mar 31, 2012

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