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For the past two yrs my husband and I we're been trying to having a baby. It's been very exausted, we had medical exams, and everything seems fine. We are going to a psychologist, to see if anything wrong. I don't know what else can we do!!!! Everynight I pray for guidance during this painful process. Please God, give a sign on what to do. Most of the days I cry and I feel depresed. We want with all of our hearts and love a family.
God, tell us what to do.
In jesus name, Amen

by peke

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Relax and smile, remember God has his own clock. The stress may not be helping? Trust ur Father!

nila, tx ( witness) | on Jan 31, 2010

God Bless!

nila, tx ( witness) | on Jan 31, 2010

Maybe he wants u 2 adopt? There r many children in Haiti since da earthquake who r seekin families. I heard about a family who couldn't have children until they decided 2 adopt then God blessed them wit children if their own. Remember God is gr8 n he knows what's best 4 us. God bless

HTIAF | on Jan 31, 2010

We took years aswell, I was really stressed out from work. Trust God, that's all we could we have two children. But God has strange reasons...but try to trust...but I am praying for you.

creativerob | on Jan 31, 2010

I know how hard it is to be patient when you want something so bad, especially when what you want is something good, something you know God would approve of, but that strong desire could be blocking the door to Gods help. Ask God for a child & then try to release the outcome, try to say & really mean this..."God, you know my heart, you know how badly we want this child, I ask to be blessed with a healthy child of our own, but I accept Your decision Lord because I know you love me & only want what is best for me. So if it is your will, please answer our prayer." It is not easy to place our hearts desires at His feet & just walk away, trusting that He will return them to us, but we must trust Him with all and God will reward you trust, your faith- He promised.
I'm keeping u in my prayers.

JDS / Sacramento, Ca | on Jan 31, 2010

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