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Lord, Jesus... Tonight I'm on my knees. I'm desperate for your spirit upon me. My world doesn't seem to be how it was. Shaking is upon me. My world is crashing down. My faith is being tested. I know that I'm suppose to love everyone but I don't. I can't stand being around anyone. I can't emotional connect to anyone. Like im dead inside. Lord, please give me the strength to find a way to stop pushing everyone away- i can't even find the emotion to connect to my patients because they are just people. People who are dying people who drunk to liver failure, ate to heart failure..... People who are killing themselves- why should I care when they don't? When there are animals dying for the testing of their care.... Doesn't seem fair. Today I just sat there wondering why I couldn't find the words for comfort. Lord, I just want to be alone some where far away from people...... I know this is not your plan for me. Please change my heart. Please help me stop pushing people away. Please help me to be like I used to be. Before I lost my way. Thank you Lord..... You are awesome..... King are kings........

by A$hl3igh

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I've been feeling distant from others as well. I belive it is God way of bringing us closer to him? St. John of the Cross wrote a book on this called, The Dark Night of The Soul. Its beautiful! The best translation is by Mirrabarii Starr. check it out. It helped me a lot!

nila, tx ( witness) | on Jan 30, 2010

Thank u

A$hl3igh | on Jan 31, 2010

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