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My sister gave me this sign that reads, " good morning this is God and I will be handeling your troubles today":) I keep it in my kitchen over the sink to remind me as much as I want to think I am in control, I so am not! God to day many are awaking to hurt and pain that only u can heal, others have not slept their spirt crys out to u,some have the burden of guilt and pride weighing them down! God has hard as our life is on this earth help us to know you. Your word and your promises that even now their is a room being prepared for us in heaven. Be with the sick and the heavy laden for you will give them rest and peace. Let us see the wonders of everyday. Help us lord, help those who ate so tired and helpless of fighting a wordly battle they can't win. Give them strength in you to heal them put an angle in their path to direct them to the promises u have for their life. Let us remember that u have great plans for eveyone of us. You are god the most high and there is nothing we can't do because u are the omega, u will lift us up out of our pit into the light of wormth, we will know u r there by the cool breath u will blow onto our face. The birds will sing ur message of love and the angles will be in wrapped in the leaves of every tree worshiping you and Bowing down as the tress dance and bend to your will, ad u bring forth the elements of snow, rain, hail u cover us in your love! God I just lift sll the hurt that's out there up to u to wash it away to help each of us to find glory and beuty nomatter how small and for us to hang on to it. To notice a smile, a childs laugh, the warmth of a sunbeam hitting are face and the feel of cool water touching our skin. To remember it's not the dead we need to pray for but the living. A special prayer to those who fight in the disasters of this world, to ur children who fight for our country in the military, god just put ur arms on us, your angles around us and may we all walk in your favor. Jesus name amen. ( ps please forgive my spelling, god does have hummor just look at the mistakes in my writting, nevertheless I give him the honor and the glory have a blessed day!! :)

by hope

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Amen sister! We serve an awesome God, who will never finish loving us.

marriammu | on Jan 30, 2010

Beautiful and well put. Don't worry about the spelling, it's content that matters. I pray for you and your loved ones. Amen.

Anonymous | on Jan 30, 2010

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