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Well I did it! I just moved to a new state, ummm maybe been here for 5months, but anyway had a bible study in our home and it was great!! The topic was on tongues and the damage and good it will produce. James 3: 2-10 boy James tells u like it is. Can u think of a time when words hurt u, like a punch in the stomic and took ur breath away. My huanting memorrie was my dad picking me up from school, I was so happy he came to get me I was in 5th grade, had all my friends standing outside with me to show off my dad, my dad pulled up I was waving and laughing, my dad leaned out his widow and yelled " bufflow butt get in we got to go" the rest of the year into high school that was a Nick name that stuck. I was devestated, latter after I was married I told my dad how that memorie hurt, he was so sorry/ but the damage was done words r so powerful, I forgive dad heck I have done my share of slicing with out meaning to,the point is we can tear down and destroy our loved ones spirt or we can build it up. My son was 5 and the next day was his birthday, we had an old maple tree out back. I always told him he could climb the tree when he was older. On his birthday at 8 am we couldn't find him I searched the house and was fast going into panic mode, I heard my husband scream get the ladder- I went running outback with the ladder and sitting up in the tree was my son eating some snack he stuck in his pocket, eith a huge grin on his face. His dad said "son what r u doing up there?" our son said mom said when I got older I could climb the tree, but she didn't tell me how old I had to be to get down. There he sat just waiting on his dad to take care of him he had no worries. I guess the point I'm getting at is I told him him he could climb the tree, i dont know what i was thinking - maybe when he was 8 or 9;) but i dpoke the words snd gave thrm life in my sons head. I am glad i didnt tell him he could driv, lol, our negative thoughts spoken out loud take life- at the same time so does our positive words. It's great news, we can change our future for the better just with the words we speak - amen! Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger brawling and slander along with every form of malice be kind and compassionate to one another forgive each other just as in Christ god forgave you Ephesians 4:31-32 god for give us of our slander and disrespect, forgive us,me, of hurting the ones I love the most. Please put a guard over my mouth and let me look into the future of the impact my words would do to someone eles. Give me the strength to shut up and listen, to build up not tear down. I Can do this with ur help in Jesus name I pray amen!

by hope

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That was beautiful and so true!

Anonymous | on Jan 29, 2010

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