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Dear lord ,
I have struggled threw my child hood with a drug addicted mother and myself raising my sister at 5 years old .. Then my disabled brother whom weighed 9oz and i been raising him since 15 on and off , while my mothers crack addiction added sum alcohol abuse and ive always stood by her side . I finally got out on my own at 18 after havin to drop out a school to take care a myself and met whom i thought to be my love a my life after 2 kids , 7 yrs and uncountable beatings later and one that ended me hospitalized i pray for his conviction for him to be caught its been 3 yrs and he still bothers me .. i got the strength to leave him which i got to do things again he never let me do like work i landed a great job , a car , having fun with my kids and then it started i got in trouble a few times and if it wasnt for my wonderful father id be in jail . I have found god from all this but i have so many struggles , i had got addicted to the prescription narcotics from the beatings and started abusing them , so i got help which landed me another medication addiction at a clinic which im tryin to over come , with 100 pounds a weight gain im battling .. i beg for the strength for this , and also ( wow im cryin alot feels great to let this all out ) ( jesus is great ) now im also askin for strength of depression and to stop smoking ciggarettes and strength , please i have horrible finacial issues i struggle badly !! I have great things i have a great husband now who raises my daughters n treats us like gold and we all have health , i have my mom n dad sister n brother . But still deal with the stress of my moms relapsing .. i saved her life i sent her to get help court ordered and she is clean but falls off alot i struggle n stress badly i need your help lord i have had a hard life , my husband and i have lost our jobs please help relieve sum stress i love life and living it im so greatful for everything i just need jesus .. i love you lord and god bless you all and your familys and anyone who has addictions dont turn ur backs they need u .. i love u lord thank u .. amen ..

by melissa

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God want it must feel like to be you. Poor dear. I feel your pain, you are not alone. Sending some sunshine your way. Take my hand, it may be cut and sore, bit you can have it nonetheless :D

darknessabides | on Jan 29, 2010

Father please have mercy on this troubled soul show her your love and strength in Jesus name amen

Anonymous | on Jan 29, 2010

May God bless you and your family with all of the happiness that you deserve. Amen

ray ray | on Jan 29, 2010

Father in your name I pray that you turn things around in her life. The devil comes to kill, steal rob and destroy but in your name all things work out for those who love you. Keep pushing.

sunshine | on Jan 29, 2010

Hold tight to the lord. Bless u

tmcdream | on Jan 29, 2010

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