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Lord please watch over one of my ex bf's now best guyfriend, possibly future husband. He leaves to afghanastan in a few days with the army for the war that is supposedly over. He will be stationed there for what is now set at a years time. Please keep watch for i cant here in the states and if i was there wat could i really do for him anyways. Please keep him strong to fullfill his tasks. Please keep him strong faithfully spiritually, emotionally and physically while there and when he returns. Please keep me strong while he is there. Please give me the strength to stop crying now.

by Kash

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Take the time u have and set up pray pkgs - small pkgs with items he will need once over there like baby wipes cause the sand is in everything qtips, memories fro
home then have your fily and friend write encourage notes the first pkg u give him at airport, make the items small but funny cause this will be a very emotional time for him too and homesick sets in around 2 wk or so your all in my prayers god keep him safe and his unit keep your angles around him and those who serve protect guide and use them for your glory. Give th the courage of David the wisdom of job and the blessings of Christ in Jesus name amen

hope | on Jan 28, 2010

My boyfriend leaves Monday. I pray for you and him. God
bless you and I'm exactly in your shoes.

Kelsey! | on Jan 28, 2010

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