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Dear lord, i pray that u will help me to concentrate on u and use my time trying to obey u rarher than doing dumb things. Also i
Pray that u will keep me away from drama brcause it is just so
Painful to get out of
And usually i hav to lie to get out of it. So please help
Me to stay out of it and not get sucked into it. Also please help
This girl who keeps cussing at me because if i tell on her shell tell all hee little friends and theyll call me retarded
And other
Trashy things like thAt

Thankyiu for all u hav done

by Very Confused Teenage Guy

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Hey, tell that girl that swearing bothers you. If she makes fun of u who cares think if it this way
"why should i be ashamed of who god made me" think of that every time some one makes fun of u or ur embarressed. Don't worry i get bullied to, and from that. Question, I get by

GodsGirl | on Mar 25, 2010

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