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Lord, help me get ovr all that my husb did 2 our ,marriage. Its been 5 mos and i still harbor all the anger, betrayal, hurt, insecurity...its ruining my life. Sometimes i think about cheating so i could hurt him the way he did 2 me. But i know thats not the answr and against ur commandments as it will only cause more prob. I love u Lord. Plz help me 2 4get all that so we can move 4ward. 4give me 4 even thinking of committing adultery and 4 being awful 2 my husb. Bring love in2 my heart and 4giveness. Help us 2 get a house 2 bring a happy chapter in our lives. Keep my mind occupied with good. Help me 2 give time 2 others instead of being selfish with all the time ive wasted on these feelings and thoughts.

by sister in Christ

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God Bless you sister for such a good heart... We are in the same situation .. I thought about cheating many times bcos of all wrong things he did to me, but your right that's not the answer and it would only make it worse... bcos God gave us good heart and he gave us this family we know how to forgive others just how he forgives us for all our sins.. I pray your marriage will work out as well as with ur family.. just trust in the Lord with all ur heart.. he will guide you .. I pray for you sister Amen

HR | on Jan 27, 2010

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